Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Crankset

I was on a mountain bike ride when I noticed my left crank arm was feeling a little weird. I stopped on the trail, checked it out and realized that the bolt securing the arm was on the verge of falling off. Luckily I wasn't too far from the trail head so I walked my bike back to my car. I checked the bolt on the drive side and realized that it was loose as well. To make a long story short my crankset was shot. I had been tightening the bolts before each ride but they never really stayed tight. According to everything I had read online, once you have ridden on loose crank arms with a square taper spindle, they will never tighten up properly again. I usually try to spend as little as possible on bike parts but I splurged on an FSA singlespeed crankset from Bikeman. After a quick install, I went out to Sansom Park and tried it out. Nice and smooth. The crankset came in a cool little box that I almost hate to throw away.

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