Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Front Page

Monday evening during a break in the hockey game I checked my email and was bombarded with messages and purchases from my Etsy shop. This is highly unusual. I went to Etsy.com to log in and was amazed to see one of my shirts on the front page. Its the orange one in the photo below.

The number of views on this shirt went from about sixty to over seven hundred in under an hour. At 9:00 PM, it was gone, well at least from the front page. It's in the Storque Spotlight under the title "Dudes need shirts". We're really happy with the positive comments we've received from some really cool people. I'm also hoping that Justin, the artist who created the design received an increase in traffic as well. Here's a link to his shop, Triplemilled.etsy.com.

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