Saturday, June 7, 2008

Printing Tags

After the everything settled down after our front page appearance on Etsy, we had the opportunity to answer some of the emails about our shirts. We were contacted by a lady who is opening a clothing store in a college town up north. She wants to sell our shirts. I realized that we really don't have an official logo, labels, or tags to attach to our shirts. I prepared some large screens and some sheets of tag board I've had around for quite some time. I hadn't used these screens before so I hadn't thought about them being too large for the press I use to print paper and vinyl. My wife has been wanting a new coffee table, so I took the top off of our current table, screwed some clamps on it and now I've got a new, much larger surface to print on.

In this photo I've already printed the red background and I'm registering the 2nd color.

Here's a look at the final print prior to cutting. The registration looks to be a little off.

This is what happens when you're not paying attention and you load the paper upside down.

The finished product.

I think the mistakes look pretty cool.


  1. Nice new tags. It's cool that a little bit of Etsy got you rolling (so to speak).

  2. Your cards look terrific! Just discovered your work through the Etsy Dallas blog. I'm a big supporter & look forward to meeting you at the next event. Cheers, Jessica