Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keurig Elite B40

If there is one thing that I love as much as riding my bike its good coffee. Usually I'll brew a 10-12 cup pot of coffee first thing in the morning. I'll have a cup and then I'll usually get distracted for a couple of hours. That next cup never tastes as good. I usually end up pouring out the rest of the pot. I was thinking that a single serve coffee maker would serve my family pretty well.

I've come across a couple of websites devoted to single serve coffeemakers and coffees. The Keurig home coffee brewers seemed to be some of the highest rated single serve coffee makers and appear to have the largest selection of coffee available. The Keurig brewers use coffee that is prepackaged in K-Cups. You can buy the K-Cups online or in local stores (Target, World Market, Sears, Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many others) for anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00 for a pack of 25. Keurig also makes the "My K-Cup" which is a reusable filter assembly that you can fill with ground coffee of your choice. Using your own coffee should bring down the cost per cup.

The brewers come in three models, the Elite B40 for $99.95, the Special Edition B60, and the B70 for 199.95, and the new Keurig Mini B30 for $79.00. I'm always trying to get the biggest bang for my buck whether its bike components or coffee makers, so after comparing features of the three coffee makers I picked up the B40 from Target.

Setting up and priming the coffee maker for first use was easy. The coffee maker comes with a free 18 cup variety pack. We've had our coffee maker for about 12 hours now. So far I've been impressed with the machine and the coffee we've tried. Its nice to have a fresh cup of coffee when you want it. I'm also interested to see how long we can make a pound of coffee last using My K-Cup.


  1. Hi!
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  2. Nice setup you've got there for the "other" addiction.

  3. My parents have a keurig and my little Mr. Coffee has just never tasted the same. And the Keurig even makes tea! What could be better?