Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cowtown Classic-I'll Try This Again

I had posted a short video clip from the Cowtown Classic Bike Ride that took place Saturday morning, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the video. After engaging in a futile search to find the original file I just deleted the entire post and decided to try again. Here's another video from Saturday's ride. This was taken with my Flip Ultra camcorder which I had mounted in my Wald basket. This is my first attempt at peicing together video using Windows Movie Maker.

The ride itself was great with temperatures in the 70's at the start. I rode part of the way with my son, the guy in the orange jersey thats towing me along. He's taken over my old TSX tubed Quattro Assi (8 speed Ultegra components, downtube shifters). I'm glad somebody's getting some use out of it. I was on my Kona Smoke 1x9 which turned out to be faster and more comfortable on the 20 mile ride than I expected.

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