Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Ride 10-05-08

I'm scheduled for shoulder surjery next Friday. I'll be out of commission for about three weeks so I want to get as much riding in as possible before then. I rode from my house to the north side of downtown Fort Worth this afternoon. Here are a few pictures.

Crossing the Trinity River on the University Drive bridge.

Arts 5th Avenue. The neighborhoods south of downtown have been experiencing a lot of growth and renewal (I guess you'd call it gentrification).

I've never noticed this business before.

The Spiral Diner on Magnolia Avenue. I may be wrong but I think this is the only Vegan Restaurant in town. You'll probably see more bikes here than just about any other place in town.

Magnolia Avenue. I've been looking at this building for a while thinking that it would be a great place for a screen printing shop.

This is the building next door to my dream screen printing shop. This gives me second thoughts. The really bad thing about this is that there is a police station directly across the street.

Still on Magnolia Avenue. I like the logo.

Mural on Jennings Avenue.

The old post office on the south side of downtown.

Texas and Pacific Lofts. I believe this building was built in the 1920's. It was recently renovated and turned into lofts.

Texas & Pacific Lofts

The Fort Water Gardens located next to the convention center.

The Water Gardens had been closed for a long period after four members of one family drowned in 2004. Apparently the center of the water feature was unusually deep. One family member fell in and the others attempted rescue. The bottom of the central pool has been raised to prevent this from happening again.


I rode through Trinity Park on my way back home and saw this couple feeding racoons. I hardly ever see racoons around here unless they're dead on the side of the road. Somehow I don't think feeding them is a good idea.

As you can see P.I. was having a sale. They're supposed to open at 1:00 PM, it was close to 1:30 and they were still closed. I'll have to stop by tomorrow.

I've been having problems with Blogger lately, links come out in weird colors and pictures and text don't stay formatted the way I save them. It's driving me crazy. Has anybody else been experiencing problems?


  1. Thanks for another great local ride report. It is great to see the LHT getting out. I didn't see any remarks about the Argyle ride. Maybe you didn't make it??? If my S24O fell through, I was thinking about heading over there.

    Regarding blogger, the only trouble I've had is delays while trying to save intermediate work.

  2. I had to pay the deductible for my upcoming surgery and thirty days of therapy. This cost a little more than I had expected, so the Argyle ride didn't happen for me.

    Are you planning another S240 anytime soon? Once I'm healed I'm thinking about doing an overnight trip from my front door to Mineral Wells State Park. Any gear recommendations you can give me will be appreciated.

  3. super cute peter bros hat sign. I like it ;)
    those lofts look pretty awesome, wonder if they stayed anitquish-looking in the interior of them. cool photos!

  4. Thanks Meligrosa. I have no idea how they did their lofts. I'm going to dress like a real adult one day and pose as a prospective buyer so I can check them out. There are lofts everywhere in Fort Worth now. Lots of new construction.

  5. Based on weekend obligations, it looks like the next S24O will be November. Regarding gear recommendations, I think Grant's suggestions are appropriate. It doesn't take much to survive for one night, but take some form of luxury because it's about fun. I emphasize comfortable sleep and coffee.

  6. I have no problem carrying extra weight if it means being comfortable. I won't go without coffee.