Thursday, November 6, 2008


During my lunch break yesterday I stopped off at a nearby bookstore to see If I could find a book Mtb Law Girl reviewed the other day, "Freewheelin: A Solo Journey Across America" by Richard Lovett. I didn't find that book but I found "The Masked Rider Cycling in West Africa". I was really surprised to see who the author was, Neal Peart, the drummer from Rush. I didn't buy the book but the customer reviews on Amazon look pretty good. I'll probably go back for it tomorrow.

My wife says that I'm showing my age, 2112 is the title of one of Rush's most popular albums. 2112 was also my wife's address when we met in high school.


  1. wow, so cool. I had just also put this on my also on my to-read list!! (I came across it thru
    ♥bike book love!! ride on :)

  2. Woah, I had no idea Peart did that. Looks like an awesome book! Thanks for posting about this.