Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jingle Bash-An Enjoyable Evening

Jingle Bash is over, so that means that my life can return to normal. No more late night printing sessions trying to get ready for the show. The Etsy Dallas leadership did an amazing job organizing this event and drawing crowds of shoppers.

This is our section of the building before the start of the show.

My lovely wife manning our booth. It's almost impossible to get a photo of her when she isn't blinking.

I screen printed these business cards at the last minute the night before the show. We got lots of compliments on them.

We finally had the chance to meet some other Etsy Dallas members. They are a great bunch of people but one of the couples really stood out, Emily and Omar of Backbone, they are super nice people and are a joy to talk to. They are photographers although Omar has a day job working at the Spiral Diner in Dallas. They live in Oak Cliff and Omar uses his bike as his primary means of transportation. Emily says that their place is small but packed full of bikes. We traded some of Emily's photos for a couple of our t shirts.

Emily and Omar

I was also surprised when Mister Pondero himself, Christopher Johnson and his wife showed up at our booth. I wish that we had more time to talk bikes and stuff but business started picking up at about that time. I'm glad you made it out to the show Christopher.

One thing we were asked over and over again was if we printed children's shirts. I haven't yet but I am going to start real soon. We sold lots of shirts but I believe we could have doubled our sales if we printed kids shirts also.

This was our first show and it was a great experience, we had much more business than I had expected plus we made money for our children's Christmas. We'll definitely be doing more shows. Now I need to get back on my bike.

I wanted to show off some of Emily's work. These photos are from her Etsy shop. You can see more of her work here. Support your fellow cyclists and buy a photo if you can.


  1. We had a nice afternoon and enjoyed meeting you and your wife in person. My "crankset" shirt looks great and is well done. My wife and I both regret not buying the "Triumph" shirt. I guess I'll be making another purchase soon. Congrats on a successful show and good luck with the shifter repair!

  2. looks like you guys had a blast.your booth looks awesome!!!

  3. Myles - So glad you and your wife could participate in the Bash (and to also have you as members of Etsy Dallas)!

    We love our sister-city folks and welcome you over to Big D anytime.

    Jason wore his new Rat Trap Press bicycle tee yesterday and he looks so good it in. I can just see him now biking around Oak Cliff in it!


  4. Christopher-I'll be making men's shirts with an old Superbe design. I'll send you one of my test printed shirts. You should consider printing and selling some of your photos. I think they would be popular.

    Devin-Thanks. I thought our booth was a little sparse. I picked up some ideas from looking at other people's setups.

    Stephanie-We're really glad to be a part of Etsy Dallas. The other members went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

    Jason is a good guy. I hope he gets alot of use out of that shirt. We enjoyed meeting him and listening to his really eclectic catalog of music.