Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Shirts on the Way 11-16-08

With my bike out of service I decided to spend the day preparing screens with our two newest designs. I only had time to print the women's shirts today. I think the design, a 1950's Raleigh Superbe, turned out rather well.

Here are the screens shortly after washout.

Test print

The first shirt being printed.

We'll be taking these with us to Jingle Bash. We'll see what kind of response they get. If we sell some I'll print more and put them up for sale in our shop.


  1. Love the Raleigh! Wonderful detail. Any chance you could do one with a horizontal top tube???

  2. I'm working on it. I just needed to add at least one more womens design before we go to the arts and crafts show next weekend.

  3. nice!
    please keep me posted if you do (etsy) Id be down for a blue one!
    love that you use alt.apparel, Ive used that brand for awhile &love it :)

  4. Love the sweet details! Good luck at the fair! And yeah, let us all know when you're selling them online.

  5. I'm glad y'all like the design.

    Meli-I prefer Alt. Apparel over American Apparel. They are expensive compared to the regular men's t shirts I print on but they are nice and soft.