Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Busy

The U.P.S. guy just dropped off my new Albatross bars. All I can do is look at them for now. They're just going to sit there until I get a chance to install them, hopefully sometime next week. Things have been crazy around here. The photographer from Pegasus News showed up last night and took lots of photos of my shop. She even managed to get a few photos of me. If you've notice there isn't a picture of me anywhere in my blog. I like taking photos I just have never liked being in them. I'm also trying to get things ready for Jingle Bash

Last night while searching the bike section in the Dallas area Craigslist I came across an announcement for Bikefaire in Oak Cliff this Sunday. 

Oak Cliff a community in southwest Dallas. The announcement had a link to a brand new blog called "Bicycle Friendly Oak Cliff". According to the blog, Bikefaire is an effort to raise money for bike racks to be place around the O.C. area. I contacted the organizers and if everything goes right we'll be out there selling shirts.

Useless info: The original Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) used to live in Oak Cliff.


  1. thats awesome you're in a show!! keep me posted when u visit cali sometime (& viceversa, I will)

    super butt-kicking old school batgirl!!

  2. I'd like to check out San Francisco someday. I'll definitely let you know.