Monday, December 22, 2008

Cyclist's Special

While reading the "Idiot on a Bike" blog I came across a link to the Tweed Cycling Club. It's on their site that I found this wonderful video (it's one video in two parts) from 1955 of a London touring club taking a train to Rugby to do some sightseeing. Maybe this has been around on the internet for a while  but it's the first time I've seen it.

I didn't realize that the word "bonk" has been used by cyclist since at least the 50's. It sounds more like something that somebody made up during the 80's.


  1. Yep. Makes me want to climb on Amtrak with my bike, rail to someplace two days from home, and ride back. Hmmm...I wonder where I could go...

  2. I love those videos too. I have used Amtrak along the South East corridor, but it isn't as simple as grab and go. On the Palmeto the bike has to be boxed and treated as luggage. I plan to get a Brommie to take along as carry on. ;-) I love the train the crap out of driving ANY DAY!