Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Day Ride

It's afternoon on Christmas day. The roads were incredibly quiet so I was compelled to ride. The temperature started off in the low 70's but the wind picked up a little and it felt like it was getting colder mid-ride. It was almost too quiet.

An almost car-free Montgomery Street heading north from I-30 to the Museum District.

There's lots of construction taking place at the Fort Worth Museum of Science. 

Nice brightly colored sculpture on the lawn in front of the Kimbell Art Museum.

Me and my wife are originally from McAllen which is way down on the southern tip of Texas. Eating tamales for Christmas has always been a tradition for our families. Every year my wife's parents will spend Christmas with us and they bring 10-12 dozen tamales with them. We'll feast on these for days. My wife's parents couldn't make it this year so we ended up ordering a few dozen from La Familia. They were very good but not quite as good as my in-laws' tamales.

New business and construction is popping up everywhere in Fort Worth. I think Fort Worth is faring better than most places during this economic downturn.

Montgomery Plaza. This was the headquarters for Montgomery Wards. This building was vacant for many years but has been converted to business and office space on the street level with lofts on the upper floors.

This place was a madhouse yesterday. All quiet now.


  1. Your Trucker looks better every time I see it. Nice work on that bike.

    And yes, it's always eerie to see a place that's normally crowded, vacant.

  2. Love the parking lot photo. The new bars look great. Are you pleased with their performance? How about those shifters?

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Christopher-I've been very pleased with the new bars. With the inverse brake levers and shifters mounted near the stem I've got lots of space to move my hands around. I can sit upright and relax or put my hands into the curves and get a little more aerodynamic when dealing with headwinds. The shifters are really convenient mounted up front (no more knee strikes). I've kept them in friction mode. Shifting has been smooth and quiet.

  4. I will second or is it third the looking bike! How do you like the kickstand? I have been waffling back and forth between the Esge/Pletscher and a Hebie they come in a couple of different models.

    You may have also shamed me taking more pictures and posting them of my rides. Not much to see in my part of the country unless you like trashy mobile homes and pine trees...;-)


  5. Aaron-Now that I've been using the kickstand I can't see riding without it. It is very convenient for quick stops as well as repairs. It's amazing how much nicer riding is once you get past the "dorkiness" of things like kickstands, mirrors, etc.

    Lets see some pictures! I always find it interesting to see were other people ride.

  6. dinocyclesaurus!
    what a peaceful set :) I enjoy these out and about images very much!
    I biked around the 26th early AM (caffeine is a wonderful motivation) and there was still not much movement around SF.

  7. Excellent pictures. I was at the Fort Worth Water Gardens the day before.