Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Up Before Dawn

After a long delay I started my pre-dawn riding again. As much as I'd like to ride after work I'm usually worn out and looking to relax. It was beautiful and fairly warm this morning as I rolled out of the house around 5 AM. All I needed was my wool jersey to keep me comfortable. There weren't many riders on the trail and thankfully there were no stupid skunks to dodge . The only hiccup occurred when my point and shoot camera screwed up on me. The camera froze with the LCD screen on and the lens extended. I just let the batteries die as I usually only get 7 to 8 flash shots per fresh set of batteries and I had already taken several photos. I've really grown to hate this camera. 

No cars!

This is my turn around point. From here I can ride back to my house and have time for a shower and breakfast before I head off to work.

Now I wanted to take time to promote a great guy and a cool little business. Jon, the man behind Grinder Bikes,  happened to read one of my posts a while back about the stiff jockey wheel on my wife's derailleur. He contacted me and offered a replacement. We did a little trading and I ended up with an excellent Shimano 600 Arabesque long cage derailleur. 

Jon refurbishes older bikes and can do a custom build for you. He's got lots of pictures of past builds that you can check out on his website. He's having a sale in the near future so if you're looking for a bike (he'll ship it to you) or you're trying to track down some old parts be sure to get in touch with him. Here's a link to his blog

Jon built up this U08 for a lady that had her bike stolen.

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