Friday, April 24, 2009

Bike Fort Worth Plan Meeting

I've never attended a city meeting before but this one had me curious, as I'm very interested to hear what the city has planned for the future as it relates to cycling. This is the fourth and final meeting. One was held for each section of town, north, east, central, and southwest. These meetings were focused on the input from residents from the corresponding area.

There were some interesting facts quoted by "the guy", I was checking out the bikes at the back of the room and didn't get to hear the speakers official title. I'm sure it's something like Fort Worth Bicycle Coordinator, Bike Czar, or something of that nature. Of the 100 largest cities in U.S., Fort Worth ranks 73rd in the number of cyclist who commute to work by bike. The Czar said the rate is around .026 per cent or roughly 635 people commuting by bike each day. 

The city's plan calls for over 700 miles of bike trail, on street bike lanes and signed routes. There are also plans for bike racks and commuter stations with showers, lockers, and mechanics downtown. After looking at the map of proposed bike routes  I must say that I was pretty impressed. I was happy to hear that the Hulen Street bridge over the railyard will be replaced by a new bridge with bike access. It will be interesting to see how this all progresses.

I'll post a link to the proposed bike route map when it shows up on the city's web site.


  1. Very cool. I've actually crossed the train yard on Bryant Irvin and it wasn't nearly as bad as a feared. As usual, vehicles in Fort Worth seem to give a reasonable amount of room to cyclists, provided they can see us.

  2. So what are they planning to do up by Alliance?

  3. Steve-I spent most of my time studying the south and downtown areas but I remember several routes running from the north side of town all the way up to Denton. If I remember correctly 114 was one of the routes. Hopefully they'll post the map soon.