Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival

The rain started to clear up this morning so I decided to ride downtown and check out the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival. The weather reports indicated that the sun was supposed to make an appearance today but it was still gloomy when I rolled out of the house.

I was hoping that we wouldn't have any more rain today. It sprinkled a little as I rode towards downtown but that was about it. I packed a grocery bag to cover my Brooks saddle and a trash bag to cover my cameras and other junk just in case.

I have had more problems with drivers in this area than anywhere else in town. This is Cantey Street just west of University Drive (on the north side of the T.C.U. campus). These college kids don't seem to pay attention to the road.

I had to cut through a churchyard at College Avenue and Page Avenue.

I ran across this shop at College Avenue and Jefferson Avenue. I didn't see a sign on the building but they had some neat stuff. 

The new bike lanes on Magnolia Avenue.

High speed action shot

There was a good crowd in attendance and a pretty diverse crowd at that. I saw everything from cowboy hats to mowhawks.

This is a great idea! Especially since I didn't bring my own hand sanitizer.

Ballet Folklorico. I heard the mariachi music and had to find the source. Unfortunately it wasn't a live band. I love mariachi music. My uncle used to play in a mariachi band when I was a kid. I can't explain it but when I hear "Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes" I get chocked up.

What is it?

The ride home. As soon as I arrived at the house the sun broke through the clouds. It's okay Istill had a great time.


  1. Great ride report. I probably won't make it to the art festival this year; with my son graduating high school this year I'm just busy. His prom is tonight (at the Worthington) and I'm playing chauffeur.

    So your pics will be as close as I get to the festival this year.

    I like the re-do of the site. I know EXACTLY where that picture was taken- right by the Residence Inn on University. In fact I rode through there this morning on my breakfast ride (we ate at Ol' South).

  2. I like the action shots. Cool handlebars -- do you like them? What are they, again?

  3. Doohickie-This is the first time that I've been to the festival. Too bad you can't make it out there today. The weather is supposed to be nice.

    I've never eaten at Ol' South. Sounds like some good food thats very bad for you. I'm going to have to try it.

    Apertome-They are steel Albatross bars that I purchased from Rivendell. I like them a lot. I mounted the shifters near the stem and used inverse brake brake levers to leave as much room on the bars as possible for changing hand positions.

  4. I'm going to have to get my old trek II out and get it back to road worthiness (or maybe get a new one). See what you're doing with your blog. =P

  5. Twister-Get that bike back on the road!

  6. We had snow and rain yesterday. i was soaked to the bone halfway through ten miles of errand running. I am envious that you were riding in shorts!

  7. Jon-That's one of the benefits of living and riding in Texas, three seasons of comfortable riding and one season of sweaty nastiness.

  8. Great blog!!!!! I am from England over in Texas at the moment, ive been cycling in ms150 . I really like your shirts especially the cycle messenger one.Do you have plenty in stock? if so i will order one when I get back to England.

  9. Hey Philip, I'm glad you found my blog. I've enjoyed reading your posts about the MS 150. I've added a link to your blog.

    I've got plenty of messenger shirts available.

  10. Thank you thats very kind of you. Ill order some shirts when i get back to england and try and get you some more trade