Sunday, April 26, 2009

Morning Ride 04-26-09

Severe storms are headed this way with rain expected for the next two days. I wanted to be sure to get at least one ride in this weekend. I rode off into some pretty strong winds. I rode into the wind heading out thinking it would be easier having the tailwind on the return trip. Sure enough the wind changed direction forcing me to ride into a headwind on my return trip also.

This is the first time that this type of advertising has been used on the trails.

You don't see too many people on the river. 

There is new construction all over the Museum District. These two buildings just north of the Modern Art Museum are just now being completed.

This is the new post office.  These are the steel supports for a sign that was damaged during the 2000 tornado that ripped through downtown Fort Worth.


  1. what an eyesore! yes that is the 1st time I even hear of such thing. anyways, love your new banner pic by the way :D

  2. I agree, it's an eyesore. There are several more along the trail. They'll be gone soon.