Friday, July 24, 2009

Morning Ride 07-24-09

I took off work today just to get a ride in. My last ride was this past Saturday. That ride was ruined by my unfortunate decision to eat a Wal-Mart taquito just prior to my departure. The heat and sub-par taquito forced me to retreat to my house and let nature take it's course.

My plan for today's ride was to head back over to the Paco & John Mexican Diner. You may recall that my previous attempt to sample their food was unsuccessful. Fortunately, today things worked out.

Luckily there was cloud cover today which kept the temperatures cooler than normal.

This is Park Hill approaching the intersection with University. Traffic was a bit heavy today.

This is the nice Texas star bike rack in front of Paco & John's. I arrived just before the lunch rush.

My camera was not cooperating today. Every photo I took at the restaurant was just too blurry to post. This is the photo I took last week when they were closed. Since I was sweaty, I had planned to eat at the table outside. For some reason it wasn't there today, so I decided to head down the road to a small park I discovered on my last trip.

This is where I decided to eat my lunch.

Two pork carnita tacos with cilantro and onions, and a coke for $4.25. That's not too bad. The tacos hit the spot.

By the way, I just found this review of the Paco and John Mexican Diner on the Fort Worth Weekly website. I'm definately going back with my wife to try something different like maybe the salmon enchiladas.


  1. Looks a good ride. How far was it?

    I occasionally take time off to ride, especially now I can carry one or two of the boys: I still feel guilty though because it's so much fun.

  2. Looks good. Fort Worth Hole In The Wall blog has a review of the place, I'm sure you know. Someone commenting on his review said the night prices were a little more expensive than what he expected. That was his two cents anyway. Just didn't want you to be caught unawares.
    Ever been to Caro's on Bluebonnet Cir? That's some pretty good eating too.

  3. Forget all that food stuff, did the Texas star bike rack have "bike rack" stenciled on it so you wouldn't mistake it for a parking meter? You also going to give us some details about the F&R racks on the Trek?

  4. Dang it dude. A bunch of us rode from Lake Benbrook to downtown for breakfast. I thought about inviting you but figured you'd be working.

    Next time you want to take a day off to ride, you need to get my permission first!

  5. Excellent ride report, photos, and a bonus restaurant review. We get such value here!

  6. Workbike-The restaraunt is about five miles from my house. As for the distance I log on my rides, I have no idea. That's a good question. I guess that I ride about 20 miles each trip but I'm always stopping to take photos, relax, eat, etc.

    Twister-I haven't checked out that blog yet. Me and my wife ate at Caro's a few years ago while on a date. I can't remember why we haven't been back. Lately we've been eating at La Familia
    The food is good but the service is great. It's also easy to get to from the Trinity Trails.

    Steve A-It's funny that you mentioned that. Yes, it did say "bike rack" on the opposite side. I'm glad the city points these things out.

    Doohickie-I saw your photos. I don't think I'm in good enough shape to keep up with you guys. If everybody was on an old 3 speed....We need to get a group together and take an easy paced cruise around the Magnolia area and downtown, kind of like the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff rides.

    I will contact you prior to putting in for vacation etc.

    Christopher-Value is my middle name. I have another new eatery in mind for next week.