Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cough, Cough

I'm slowly recovering from the flu, which unfortunately my wife caught about four days ago. I still have a bad cough but the fever and everything else is gone. I probably shouldn't have tried riding just yet but I figured a short easy ride would be alright. I experienced fits of coughing on the first leg of the ride but it wasn't too bad. I was going to ride to the University bridge and back. I made sure to drink plenty of water but by the time I reached the turn around point I realized that this ride was a bad idea. I refilled my water bottle and took to the roads instead of the trail to get back home. I felt really dehydrated and dizzy the last couple of miles and at one point contemplated calling my son for a ride. Fortunately I made it back to the house. If I do any more riding in the next few days, I'll be sticking to my neighborhood. I least I didn't have the same experience Stankertanker had.

Notice the narrow bars. I like the way cotton bar tape looks (not the way these bars look) but I prefer padded tape. After riding upright bars for over a year it felt really awkward riding drop bars. I'm trying to decide whether I want to get a nice wide set of drop bars and mount them on a tall stem or go with the Albatross bars and inverse brakes levers again. I've got plenty of time to mull this over.

I threw on the extra set of wheels that I bought for my wife's bike. These wheels were true and the tires were in perfect condition despite being over twenty three years old. The wheels that originally came with the bike need to be trued and the tires are falling apart. I must say that the original wheels now spin very smoothly after I cleaned the hubs and added new grease.


  1. Looking good, but... take care of yourself!

  2. Thanks, I'm just glad the kids haven't come down with this stuff.

  3. Golly, I rode across University bridge southbound this morning. I may have missed seeing that lovely bike by only a few blocks. Get well and let's stop these near misses!

  4. Ugh, the flu. I've had it probably twice in my life, both times were horrible...


  5. Hope you feel better soon. The bike is looking great!

  6. Hang in there. It won't be long now...

  7. Try a taller stem? As I have aged I have found that even on a drop bar bike, if I can get the bars up to level with the saddle or even a tad above it makes the ride much more comfortable, you can still hit the drops for the uphill, into the wind slogs.


  8. Sounds like you had the flu pretty bad. Take it easy on the rebound. Hope your wife gets better fast too.

    Your new bike is beautiful!

  9. Steve A-Let me know the next time you plan to head downtown.

    Joey-It's terrible. This stuff just lingers. Your bout with food poisoning while out on the road sounded really bad. I wonder how people touring across countries like Mexico cope with illness.

    Apertome-Thanks. I noticed that you had trouble with your aluminum fenders. What are you going to replace them with?

    Christopher-Thanks, the last time I had the flu it was almost a month before my cough disappeared.

    2whls3spds-I may buy another Nito Technomic stem and a cheap large, possibly used, set of drop bars. I might save money by keeping the non-aero brake levers.

    Big Oak-Thanks, I feel bad for my wife, but she just couldn't keep her distance from me.

  10. RTP, Hope you feel better soon! Nice job on the bike!!