Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's Make it Happen!

Not too long ago I received an email from Paul (Doohickie) in response to comments on one of my posts, although now I don't remember which post it was. Paul was wondering what I thought about some of the area bloggers getting together to organize a ride, something similar to the Bike Friendly Oak Cliff rides or even a Tweed Ride, when the weather cools off of course. I think it's a great idea! We discussed the idea of starting from the parking areas near the Trinity Trails and riding up Magnolia Avenue and continuing on through downtown.

I personally like the idea of inviting everyone, fixed gear, cruisers, 3 speeds, families, and making it helmet optional and free. Anybody have any thoughts, ideas?

B.F.O.C. seems to have things figured out.

This looks like it's going to be worth a trip to Oak Cliff.


  1. Indeed, let's do it. If we meet at the Spiral Diner or somewhere else that serves vegetarian dishes, I might be able to get Mrs. Doohickie to meet us there (she doesn't ride).

  2. I'm interested. We need a "theme."

  3. that poster is gorgeous <3
    a ride is great, we've been wanting to organize something, but there's so many cool rides here in calif ;)))
    and hye, really youre gonna stop printing?! :(
    what about posters?.. maybe a calif/SF-lonestar collab? thatd be superrrrrr.

  4. I should be getting my bike out of lay a way soon so I hope I can go...I'll be fredtastic. PS I'm seriously allergic to spandex.

  5. Doohickie-Are you doing the vegetarian thing also? I don't know if I could train myself to feel full after eating a plate of vegetables.

    Steve A-Any suggestions?

    Meligrosa-My t shirt stuff has been sold. I've still got my poster screen and squeegees. You get some artwork and I'll do the printing.

    Twister-What did you put on lay-a-way? Too bad more places don't do lay-a-way anymore.

  6. Naw, I'm a carnivore. But if you haven't eaten at Spiral Diner, the do have some excellent pseudomeats that might even fool you. The problem with that place is it seems like they are always crowded, especially on weekends, so a weekend ride wouldn't do well to end there. There are plenty of other places though. Another favorite of ours is Palermo's (in the same building with the police station), and they could more easily accommodate a crowd.

    I like twister's fredtastic idea. Maybe we should declare the first ride a "Denim Ride". I think that would rock.

  7. Oh, and Denim Ride goes better with Fort Worth's Cowboy heritage. Maybe we could go up to the Stockyards instead!

  8. Doohickie-We haven't tried Palermo's yet. I could use some good Italian food. Every time I've been by Spiral Diner it's been packed.

    A Denim ride might work. Were you planning on wearing a pair of Ricky Bobby denim shorts (that's a Talladega Nights reference in case you haven't seen it).

    I wonder if we could get permission to start from the parking lot of the stadium at Lancaster and University. From there we could take Foch to Trinity Park, cross the river, ride past the zoo on over to the Fairmount area and Magnolia Avenue. We could return to the starting point by taking Lancaster from downtown. I'm just throwing ideas out there.

  9. Byblos is a good choice for both vegemarians & carnivores. Lebanese. North of downtown. If you started at Lancaster & University, you'd head north past the Courthouse and across the river. Come back along the river. For a shorter choice, start from the ITC.

    Not too far, not too short. Nice ride on a Saturday morning.

    Theme? Stockyards run?

  10. I've put a Trek 1.5 on layaway. More bike than I need, certainly. That's why I refer to myself as Fredtastic. I need to take it out to knock some of the new off of it and so it doesn't look so pretentious. It's the poor(frugal) man's 'vette.

  11. Great idea, and it looks like you've some takers, so I look forward to the reports.

    RE: Helmets, good to make it optional so people can make their own mind up. Also good to show there's a debate.

  12. I mentioned the "Denim Ride" to some guys from my bike club tonight and there seemed to be some interest. We need to start looking at dates.

  13. I'll take a look at the calender. We should get together over a meal to discuss this. Let's see if Steve, Twister, and any other DFW bloggers will be available. Christopher said he'd like to help, but I think the drive from Denton would be too much.