Thursday, September 24, 2009

Morning Ride 09-24-09

I had to work through this past weekend, so by yesterday afternoon I decided that I'd had enough. I took today and tomorrow off. I didn't check the temperature this morning but it had to be in the low 60's. I headed out from the house with no real destination in mind.

In the neighborhoods south of TCU. The first thing I'm going to buy on payday is handlebar tape. I also need a cable hanger so I can ditch the reflector.

An old Methodist church near the TCU campus.

Work is now underway on improvements to the Trinity Trails. This is where the trail passes under Rogers.

I remembered that my wife had placed an old entertainment center on lay-away at the Montgomery Antique Mall. I wasn't too far away so I decided to stop in and take a look at it.

This was the best parking spot that I could find.

The entertainment center needs a little work but I like it.

Some cool modern furniture.

Killer Fiesta Ware. Stay away from the old red dishes, they're radioactive!

Montgomery Street. Traffic wasn't too bad, I headed north making sure to claim my space on the roadway.

This is a new record shop on Montgomery just a few blocks north of the Antique Mall.

Vintage clothing including lots of old concert t shirts.

That Little Ol Band from Texas. I loved ZZ Top when I was younger, well, the pre-synthesizer stuff.

The greatest serving of Tex-Mex ever!!!! For you young people, this is the inside cover of the Tres Hombres album. I heard that this photo was taken at the now closed Leo's in Houston. I had also heard that it was taken at Mi Tierra in San Antonio. Either way this looks delicious!

After leaving the record shop I rode east to the Trinity Trail and then south towards home.

My new hippie shoes. They look like house slippers but they have a regular sole. They're Skechers version of Sanuk Chibas, just much cheaper. They're extremely comfortable, and at $12 on sale I couldn't resist. Yes, I'm wearing them with socks. I don't care.


  1. Actually, it was 57 at 6AM. I don't know about you, but I ride faster at that temperature than when it's hotter.

    I like the shoe/sock combo. I do hope, however, you didn't take the shot anywhere around traffic or any possible obstructions up ahead!

  2. When I was much younger I lived up Merida Ave. about two blocks from that old Church. That was good times for me.

  3. I've been using Sketchers as my bike shoes since I started riding again. I have some leather ones that are wearing well even with the toe clips I use.

    Have you ever been in the Jazz Cafe (the little white building in the pic before the Record Store)? I've been meaning to check them out.

  4. Steve A-It was cool enough that I thought about wearing my wool jersey. I do ride faster when its cool but I don't do so well in the cold.

    I'm glad you like the super cool shoe sock combo. Yes, I was keeping my eye on the road.

    Twister-I like that area. Those are some nice quiet neighborhoods with beautiful old homes.

    Doohickie-I know the place that you're talking about but I've never been in there. I like jazz, I'll have to take the wife to check it out. We've been to Sardine's a few times when they've had a jazz trio playing.

  5. I have been diligently watching eBay for wool jerseys. They do have both short and long sleeve ones. Some are affordable, some are not. A full up wool jersey report is, I hope, coming sometime in the future. Maybe accompanied by a full up wool sock report. It's that time of year!

  6. I noticed that most of the vintage wool jerseys, for sale on Ebay are for skinny people (I'm sure you're skinnier than me). Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for. Have you checked the specials at Oregon Cycle Wear?

  7. want some uranium with your salsa chips? gotta love vintage shops outside the Bay Area, here people go bananas for them therefore the supply/demmand turns out for rather ridiculous prices. & look at all that cool clothing!
    When I was in Austin in one of the outside-the dowtown area, I went to eat tex-mex food & queso, a vintage shop and a record place. I think the vintage shop was called 'room service'

    Love this post, even if there is noooo parking options or bike lanes. The fact that you are out and riding, even if there's not a huge bike population, is very inspiring :)

    go rat trap press go!!

  8. RTP,
    Is there still a ride in October, the one that you was trying to put together?
    Please email me if there is one!
    Peace :)

  9. Meligrosa-Good to hear from you again! Hey, I stop by that shop just about every time I'm in Austin. It's next door to The Peddler bike shop and just south of where I work when I'm in town.

    Chandra-To be honest we haven't discussed it much (there has been a lot going on at my house). Unfortunately I just found out that I'll probably be working weekends for the next few months. I may be able to get free on the 17th. I'll email everybody and see if there is any interest in doing an informal city ride with a stop at a good restaurant. It looks like any attempt at a large group ride may be on hold temporarily, unless somebody wants to run with it. I'll contact you.

  10. 17th. Sounds like a PLAN! Let's do it...

  11. myles,
    is the antique store on our ride's route?

  12. Chandra-There is a nice one on 8th Street that won't be too far off route. Maybe the group would be interested in making an extra stop.