Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and Some Random Stuff

While my wife and daughters were busy preparing our Thanksgiving feast, me and my son ( the twelve year old) slipped out for a quick ride. Since we were in a hurry we drove to the our starting point, the southern part of the Trinity Trails. I think this pre-feast ride will be our new tradition. After a short ride we returned home and had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. It wasn't long after that someone broke out the Charlie Brown Christmas CD. In this house the Christmas season begins when you're finished eating Thanksgiving dinner.

My son checking out the Trinity River.

Randomness follows:

Courtnee-Globe Experience: Courtnee, aka Sweet Georgia Brown, is the lucky recipient of a free Specialized Globe Live 2 Mixte. Courtnee was contacted by the Globe Project Manager from Specialized and asked to blog for them. I've been following Courtnee's original blog for a while now. She's a nice young lady riding her bike in an area where that's a rarity. If you can, please show her some support by following her new Globe blog.


The Friday Cyclotouriste: This is a blog that I stumbled upon the other day when I was doing a Google search for friction shifters. This guy takes some great photos.

The author's Ebisu equipped with a custom made handlebar bag.

He also has an awesome old Guerciotti.

Bemz: If you need to freshen up that old sofa or chair you picked up at Ikea a few years ago, you can buy a new made to fit slipcover over the internet from Stockholm based Bemz. Here's a link to their blog.

The Indian rope trick: Here's a story I read about a traditional Indian magician who was able pull off a version of the legendary rope trick. His video is the second one below.

My daughter thought this was kind of creepy.


  1. hey myles! thanks for the cyclotourist link!! keepin me posted on new bay area blogs ;-)

    and for a sec, ithought the pics of the waterfall was snow... errrrrr ok I need more coffee.

    Happy thanksgivin to you and your fam.!!!
    .meli <3

  2. m e l i g r o s a - Hey, I thought that was snow too at first. I was getting ready to be all crabby about anybody having snow before me, the Canadian...

    Something about how you do your name appeals to me...

    R A N T W I C K

  3. Those Vittoria shoes would go very well with a retro wool jersey...

  4. Myles,

    I love your new Thanksgiving tradition. Hopefully, I can have the same with my kids.

  5. Heh, I'm glad I wasn't the only one seeing "snow"...

    Did a bit of riding on Friday and today, but I still to get some miles in to burn off the turkey and pie!

  6. hey myles...thanks again for the kind words about the blog...and merry xmas, i guess.