Sunday, January 3, 2010

Love Shack Baby

Today was my first ride of the year and the first ride of the decade for that matter. My priority today was to get something good to eat. Somebody decided to institute height and weight standards for my agency. According to their charts I'm going to have to lose about ten pounds. I was going to have one last fat fest before settling in to a regime of diet and exercise.

Today's destination was the new Love Shack on South 7th, actually it's at 817 Matisse. The love Shack is a burger joint owned by Fort Worth celebrity, Chef Tim Love. What's good about the Love Shack is that it's easily accessible from the Trinity Trails. It's located just west of the Trinity Park duck pond and the Police/ Firefighters Memorial.

I stopped for a photo in Trinity park near the Lancaster Bridge. The duck ponds are on the other side of the bridge.

I would have spent more time relaxing at the pond, but I was hungry.

Unfortunately there's no bike parking at the Love Shack but I wasn't too concerned about anybody in this crowd stealing my bike.

There was a line extending out the door. One things for sure, they are going to need a bigger building.

The temperature was in the 40's but there were a couple of fires going which kept the courtyard very comfortable. There were even leopard print Snuggies available for customers choosing to eat outside.

The burger was good but I especially liked the ribbon cut fries. I paid $8 for my meal. That's not bad.

Entertainment was provided by singer songwriter Brad Hines, the "Unofficial Mayor of the Fort Worth Stockyards". I think Brad is pretty darned good and deserves a larger audience.

After finishing up my meal I took a ride on Crockett Street to get a look at the new businesses sprouting up.

This is the view looking west down Crockett toward the museum district.

Dallas based Paciugo Gelato opened a few weeks ago. I've been in there with my family a couple of times. They've got great gelato made instore everyday.

This is the entrance to Tillman's Roadhouse. I've heard good things about this place, however with dishes like Venison Frito Pie and Chicken Fried Hanger Steak, I don't think it fits in with my new diet.

Here's a pic from their website. I like the Eames chairs.

The ride home. I managed to keep warm today by wearing a wool sweater under a heavy denim shirt.

Oh yes, tomorrow is the Fiesta Bowl. TCU plays Boise State.


  1. Golly, that sounds a lot more fun than my ride to the local Lowes!

  2. I took a little jaunt too. I started at White Settlement @ Isbell. I was looking for the waterfall the Star Telegram had an article about recently. I didn't find it tho. =\ I think, looking back now, I should've crossed over to the other bank when I had a chance. I took it till the trail terminated w/o seeing it. I'm off this week so maybe before it starts snowing on Tuesday I'll get over there and take another look. I hope to get a little digital camera 'fore too long to document my little excursions.

  3. We checked out the Love Shack on Friday night. Did you see the deal where your food is 1/2 price after 5pm if the temp is below 40 degrees. Thanks for the tips on the other new spots in the area!

  4. Myles,
    Looks like you had a great time! Am happy for you!

    The picture of the fries is killing me man...:)

    Gotta try the Love Shack sometime!

    Peace :)

  5. twister- I rode out to the end of the the northwest branch of the Trinity Trail New Years Eve 2008 before the new portion was added. There are two places to cross over the river: Just a little west of Isbell, and just north/west of River Oaks Blvd. If you cross to the south side at River Oaks, it goes directly to the new porting I think. FYI, here's a map of my journey that day.

    As for me I didn't get out until the NFL settled down and my dinner was digested.

    Miles- I've used the South Beach Diet with great success in the past (70 lb. in 6 months) and am following it more or less starting Monday to lose maybe 20 or 30 pounds this time.

  6. P.S.: Those ribbon fries look tasty!

  7. Steve A-I had a good time. That reminds me, I need to pick up a few things at Home Depot, it's easier to get to by bike than Lowe's.

    twister-Let me know if you get the route figured out.I'm going to try to make it out to the waterfalls sometime soon. I was wondering how secure the parking area is there on White Settlement. I't not like anybody is going to bother stealing my vehicle, its vandalism I'm worried about.

    Ashley-When the temperature drops below 40 I'm going to load up the family and head back over for some half priced food. To heck with the diet.

    Chandra-That was a big order of fries. They were spiced really well. Good stuff.

    Doohickie-I need to look into the South Beach Diet although I think my wife is just going to starve me. The future looks bleak without tasty, fatty food.

  8. I suppose its secure as anyplace. Which is to say, not very. There's a small parking lot there and a small bit of people coming and going that might discourage any bad behavior but one never knows.

  9. The future looks bleak without tasty, fatty food.

    The South Beach Diet book is available at the FW Public Library. Pick up a copy. It allows for some tasty, fatty food and yet you still lose weight.

  10. um, i would go for the leopard print snggies alone. and i'm veggie. i guess i could eat the fries tho. nomnomnom. :)