Monday, January 18, 2010

T Shirt and Shorts

I was one of the individuals fortunate enough to be off work today for Martin Luther King's Birthday (federal holiday) which just so happens to fall on the same day as the official Texas state holiday known as Confederate Heroes Day. It's funny how that worked out. Anyway, the temperature hit 72 degrees today, that meant it was time for my first t shirt and shorts ride of 2010.

I haven't minded too much riding in my jeans this winter, but, it just feels good riding with your legs exposed.

Water break on the Trinity Trails.

There is some progress being made on the Trinity Trails improvement project. This is the section that runs from Rogers to University.

The fishing pier is taking shape.

Cormorants relaxing in the trees along the river.

I stopped here after climbing up the hill in the background and took care of a maintenance issue. My right crank arm has been coming loose and will probably have to be replaced. I've been stopping every half hour or so to tighten the crank arm bolt.

Sewing Update: A couple of weeks ago I drove over to my neighborhood fabric store and picked up a yard and a half of some cotton duck that was on sale. I've been using this stuff to practice sewing bags. I was having problems sewing corners until I read a tutorial on making box cushions. I also found a good tutorial video on sewing bias tape although I haven't found anything about how to properly sew this stuff around corners or curves. It's a pain in the rear. There's a lot to learn but I'm enjoying it.

Trial and error. If I stand back and squint, the bag looks decent. You can see the problems I'm having sewing the tape on the edge of the flap. I didn't bother buying matching thread so the mistakes really stand out.

I cut up some cardboard to give the bag it's shape. Once I get the hang of this stuff I plan to make a bag for my rear rack.


  1. I wish it was 72 degrees here, its cold and raining. The bag looks really good,I have a tool on my machine for doing binding tape and its still a pain on the corners.

  2. The bag looks great.
    You will see flaws that no one else will ever see even it you point them out. I am happy to say that for me that is getting to be less of a problem but not because I don't have them. I'm just learning to ignore them.
    I think it's the Japanese that say that if you make something perfect it will anger the gods.
    I am dreading making bags for my new cargo bike. In fact I'm looking for an out.

  3. Nice progress on the bag thing. It looks pretty good to me. I keep thinking about a small bag (like a Lil Loafer) for my AHH front rack. Let me know if you decide to take orders.

  4. Comment on the bag later.

    The weather WAS glorious. I got to enjoy the afternoon sun in shorts and t shirt even though I had a nice, low traffic commute to work today.

  5. Sounds like great weather, it was 36 and raining here in ohio.THE BAG LOOKS GREAT!Much better thanI could do

  6. Great job on the bag. Even with my glasses on and eyes wide open it looks great.

    I am envious of your weather. Way to make the most of it by riding your bike!

  7. I think the bag looks nice, too. It may not be perfect, but overall it does look nice. Once you do a couple for practice, you'll be golden!

  8. Good going Myles! The bag looks great.
    When can I buy your stuff from REI? :)

    Peace :)

  9. I'm glad you guys approve of my sewing skills up to this point. I'm going to buy a couple of yards of 500d Cordura and see how the old machine likes it.

  10. I really do like your reports when you go around town like that. so much to see and the space is just pretty nice out in the open like that.

    n yes that bag is looking pretty dandy. good luck in your bag adventures, and cant wait to see more pics as your mad skills kick in :D
    cheers .m