Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Stuff 02-24-10

Loop-Frame Love: I found this blog while searching Google images for a saddlebag sewing pattern. A photo of a crisp white vinyl saddlebag popped up. I clicked on it and ended up on this nice little blog from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that celebrates the loop-frame style of ladies bicycles. There are photos of minor restorations in progress. Just the kind of stuff I like.

This is the photo that lured me to this blog.

This 1966 Philips belongs to one of the three authors. I think these old single speed bikes are under appreciated.

Whiskey Stones: This is an interesting idea. Soapstone cubes that you use in place of ice to keep your drink from getting watered down. Since the icemaker in our fridge bit the dust sometime ago this appeals to me.

I'm not much of a whiskey drinker but I think these would work just as well in my Dr. Pepper.

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Bicycles: I don't remember how I found this one but I've been following it for a few months. Lots of photos of Luxor headlamps and other nice stuff.

The author's late 40's to early 50's Galmozzi. This bike is beautiful, even in its current unrestored condition.

Lefol mudguards with a Luxor headlamp

1410 Oakwood: I followed a link from the blog above to 1410 Oakwood. I've only been following this blog for a couple of days but so far it looks pretty interesting. Lots of nice bike photos including the author's own beautifully restored McLean roadbike.

The Selvedge Yard: I'm sure this is an extremely popular blog but its new to me. I found it after clicking on a link from 1410 Oakwood. I've already wasted a lot of time here checking out the great themed collections of photos of vintage cars, celebrities, and other odds and ends.

Seen on The Selvedge Yard. Probably the most awesome photo ever taken.

Old School Stationers: These are letter pressed cards and wall prints from a series called Camping Circa 1960's. The designs are hand drawn, hand separated, and then printed on a letterpress. Very cool! Check out their Etsy shop.

Neo-Metro: Our master bathroom is tiny with absolutely no room for storage. I was watching House Hunters International Tokyo with my wife the other night, it is one of the only shows on HGTV that I'll admit to liking, when I noticed a space saving toilet, sink combo in one of the tiny apartments being considered for purchase. This combo toilet, sink would work perfectly for us. I wasn't sure if they even sold these in this country. Sure enough, there aren't many choices but you can find them. Neo-Metro offers the coolest one in my opinion.

I like this one. The Neo-Comby $5,398.00


  1. I saw a lady riding a bike awfully similar to that Phillips just the other day. She was older (not the bicycle chic type of young lady you sometimes see around) and wearing a full length coat. She was right downtown and looked just great.


  2. High dollar pooper for people who want the very best. Ah yes, there's a toothbrush there too, just above the post flush geyser. Shut the lid folks when you flush. The ugly details of life. ;)

  3. Rantwick-How much do you want to bet that she is the original owner of that bike.

    twister-I was thinking about that also. You definitely don't want to drop your toothbrush. I bet these lame new low-flow toilets cut down on spray, not like the good old days when the toilets flushed with enough force to suck down a baseball. Either way, flushing with the seat down is a good idea.