Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vive Le Tour

I can't believe I've never seen this before. I found it while I was browsing on YouTube It's a short film of the 1962 Tour De France titled "Vive Le Tour". It's excellent!


  1. Great videos - and I'd never seen them either.

    Doping. Then and now. Some things don't change. It also seems I saw Doohickie 5:30 into the second video, climbing with the pack. I never would have pegged him as such an old guy!

    OTOH, the parade with the nuns and such remind me that I've ALWAYS enjoyed the Tournament of Roses parade better than whatever followed it.

    Some things DO change. Nowadays, the guys that get pushed are called "lappers." From one that knows.

    You think those jerseys are made of wool?

  2. This short film is incredibly entertaining, and I've shown it in Denton before at a townie bar. It's part of the Louis Malle Eclipse series, available on Amazon. I've always wished I could separately purchase just Vive Le Tour, but alas, I cannot.

    I had hoped to show it at Cyclesomatic 2009, but it didn't happen, so maybe this year.

  3. Great find! I have never seen it before.

  4. Steve-I've got to go back and see if I can spot Doohickie. As for the jersey's, I bet they were either acrylic or wool, either way they were really cool. Too bad most of the old dudes were much skinnier than I am. None of the old jerseys I find on Ebay will fit me.

    hdraper-Thanks for the info. The box set on Amazon is kind of steep. I'd actually like to see some of his other documentaries.

    antbikemike-It's a pretty cool documentary. I like the raids on the local eateries. It's amazing how much pro racing has changed. Thanks for stopping by. By the way, your bikes are awesome!