Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back from Austin

I was attending training in Austin last week from Tuesday through Friday. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take my bike with me. It didn't matter as there wasn't much time for entertainment anyway. However I was able to visit an honest-to-goodness coffeehouse to check my email and enjoy a cup. I also had another fantastic serving of chicken enchiladas at La Reyna. Me and my wife first ate at La Reyna in 1986 and it has been our favorite restaurant ever since. It has remained consistently good.

Please, please, please, somebody open a real coffeehouse here in Fort Worth! Preferably next door to Trinity Bicycles or anywhere on Magnolia. I would do it myself it weren't for my lack of time, funds, or poor business skills.

Our modem died just after I arrived at home. We just received a replacement from our internet service provider so I'm back in business.


  1. It's hard to believe that a city the size of Fort Worth doesn't have any decent coffee houses. We are fortunate here in Fort Wayne, we have several independent coffee houses. Hope you get one soon!

  2. It's a shame. We've got plenty of Starbucks' around here, but so does Austin, yet their independent coffeehouses all seem to be doing very well.

  3. There are not many good coffee houses here in Irving either. I wish there were :(

  4. I second that. I played a show up the street at the parlor on saturday, and took a little break from all the noise with a stroll down to epoch. All I could think about was how badly we need a real coffee shop on south main or magnolia.