Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trinity Bicycles to the Rescue

A few days ago I mentioned that bloggers, and cross country bike tourists Russ Rocca and Laura Crawford (The Path Less Pedaled and The Epicurean Cyclist) will be riding into Fort Worth sometime in late March or early April. They have been doing photo and video presentations all along their route and are interested in doing one here. After some brainstorming about venues with the BABBLE folks I decided to contact Trinity Bicycles and see if they would be interested in teaming up. Trinity Bicycles haven't opened their doors yet, that will be sometime late this month, but they do have their website and Facebook page up and running. I received a very positive, enthusiastic response from Bernie Sheffler, one of the shop's owners. He said that they would be willing to use the shop for the presentation. If the shop isn't large enough they may be able to obtain a larger facility in the area. Bernie was also excited about the group ride idea. Whats great about Trinity Bicycles is that their shop at 207 S. Main Street, will literally be just around the corner from the T&P train station. This should make it very easy for Dallas cyclists to hop on the train and attend. Things are shaping up nicely.

Trinity Bicycles will be focusing quite a bit on the commuter market with same day repair service, showers, indoor bike parking and commuter friendly hours. I'm really looking forward to their grand opening. The photo below (stolen from Fortworthology) is their new building, the renovated Sawyer Grocery Store. I had the opportunity to take a quick look around the shop this morning. I've got to say, judging from the contact I've had with the owners, Trinity Bikes will be a great addition to the local bike scene.


  1. Pretty good, but it would have been better had they decided to locate a bit north and east in Tarrant County. The complex where the Bedford Tom Thumb Starbucks resides would have been almost perfect.

    Still, I'll take it.

    Will they work on my road bike if I promise to ride it to work a whole bunch?

  2. Myles, I'm so glad that you took the ball and ran with it! I am really looking forward to this event. Thanks so much.

  3. this is exciting news. perhaps these guys will stock products hard to find at other stores like REI, BicyclesPlus etc, like KoolStop brake pads, schwalbe tires, dynamo lighting, brooks saddles, proofide, good bicycling-friendly tshirts etc, so if one feels like buying one of those "important" purchases, one can do it right then and there from their shop without having to mail-order the darn thing. yay, am excited!

    on a different note, i think they should not work on road bikes (may be steve should be an exception to this rule) LOL!

    peace :)

  4. Thanks for the coverage, Myles.

    Yes, we will definitely work on your road bikes... we're not a city/touring-only shop... we just lean that direction. We work on our own road bikes at the shop, and we'll be happy to work on Steve's. :-)

    Chandra- I've actually had good luck in the past stocking most of the products you mention, so I'm sure I will have them again. Brooks, Dynohubs, Schwalbe--all those are in our plans. And if we can convince/help a certain local former T-shirt printer to get back into the bicycle-t-shirt-printing business, we'll hop on that bandwagon, too.

  5. Pondero-I agree.

    Steve-It sounds like you're feeling a bit neglected out there. I think you should move to Ft. Worth.

    Ashley-You are very welcome. The guys at Trinity are doing most of the heavy lifting on this. I hope that you can come out and ride with us.

    Chandra-You're right, some of those items are hard to find around here. I don't think I've ever seen a generator hub in a shop anywhere.

    Bernie-If I ever print shirts again you'll be the first to know.