Friday, April 2, 2010

BFA Ride Video

I finally got around to downloading the video from Bike Friendly Arlington's group ride last week. Please excuse my shaky camera work.


  1. All that journalistic excellence, but I still don't know whether you sported the bunny ears...

  2. Nice. Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas all have their own distinctive vibes. I've been told it's possible to see the new Cowboys Stadium from I35 north of 820 @ Western Ctr Blvd. That thing's huge.

  3. Pondero-No, I just couldn't make myself wear the bunny ears. I used the high winds as my excuse.

    twister-I can easily see it near my office in Hurst at 121 and 183. If you can get above the trees I'm sure you could see it from far west Ft. Worth. It's pretty impressive up close.