Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Scout Ranch

Somebody at work arranged for us to use the Sid Richardson Scout Ranch for our training today. The Scout Ranch is located on the northwest side of Lake Bridgeport, it's about a 55 mile drive northwest from Fort Worth. One of our supervisors mentioned that the camp is open to the general public. He said that you can rent the air conditioned two bedroom cabins for $70 per night by contacting the Longhorn Council in Fort Worth (I need to confirm this).

I didn't get to take my bike with me but I noticed lots of great dirt roads to explore. The ranch covers about 2500 acres, it's huge. You could easily do a twenty mile ride within the camp itself. This includes some leg burning climbs. You could also use the camp as a base to explore the county roads to the west.

This guy (or gal) was crossing the road as I was leaving. This is the first tarantula that I've seen in north Texas. He's smaller than the ones I used to see down south.


  1. It is great to learn of another exploration opportunity in north Texas. That places looks excellent. Thanks for the report.

    I've seen a few of those tarantulas up my way occasionally. I think you are right, a bit smaller than the ones in south Texas.

  2. I'll let you know whenever I plan to head out that way for a ride. Maybe we can meet up.

    We used to live in Freer. When it rained in the spring the tarantulas would come out by the thousands. They were as big as my hand but somehow managed to get into our house.

  3. We found a tarantula in our house here in Fort Worth a couple months ago. I had never seen one outside of S. TX either, so I was pretty surprised.