Friday, June 11, 2010

DVT and My Afternoon Ride

Blogger and friend, Steve, was recently laid up in the hospital suffering from a pulmonary embolism likely caused by deep vein thrombosis (DVT), basically blood clots in the veins of your legs. This kind of thing is life threatening and usually affects people on long distance flights or similar situations when movement is limited. Remember when NBC report David Bloom died from DVT in 2003 during the invasion of Iraq. According to Steve, it's also quite common among cyclists. Steve commutes to work every day. I won't repeat everything Steve has to say, you should drop by his blog for info on how to lower your risk of DVT. It's hot out there, stay hydrated.

I left work a couple of hours early yesterday and as usual rode off with no particular destination in mind:

When it's hot I'll usually carry two bottles although once the water in my bottles heats up I find it hard to drink. I made a conscious effort on my ride yesterday to drink more (yes, thanks to Steve). After a couple of hours of riding in high heat and humidity I returned home with one of my bottles 3/4 full. Maybe I'll re-attach my Wald basket and carry a Camelback in it. At least my water will stay cold and I'll be more inclined to drink.

Riding through Trinity Park.

I've never seen this train before. I wonder where it goes?

I'm going to start screen printing again, on a very small scale, so I decided to stop here and see what supplies they had available.

The usual Speedball stuff.

Since I was in the area.....

This is good stuff. Since I was a sweaty mess I figured I should grab a seat outside.

I saw this building on Foch Street. It was just your typical WWII style arched metal building that you've no doubt seen everywhere. The front and back walls have been removed and replaced with glass. A very modern looking addition can be seen on the right. Very interesting. I wonder what this place is going to be?


  1. I enjoy your posts. There is always something interesting. Today's interesting item was you comment about screen printing again. I very much like my prior two shirts and would be interested in more. Please provide more details when you are ready.

  2. We called them quonset huts when I was a boy. I rode out a typhoon in one on Okinawa in 1959.

  3. A good hydration strategy would include salt replenishment. As in one of those giant pretzels. Proper hydration need not be a sacrifice! BTW, when I was growing up, those quonset huts typically seemed to house surplus stores.

  4. I've never seen this train before. I wonder where it goes?

    That looks like the Tarantula (Grapevine Vintage Railroad) that runs from the Stockyards to Grapevine. I didn't think it came this far south.

  5. Myles,
    Thanks for the tips on hydration! I try to drink when I ride but of late, I have been drinking a lot before leaving the house. It is time to bring out the insulated bottles and possibly take a frozen CamelBak type thingy along.

    The Gelato looks diving, bro! Glad you had fun!!

    Peace :)

  6. hope steve does well soon. im gonna hit up his blog after this <3
    rides to nowhere are always the best. you never know what u may encounter :D
    cheers and happy ridin myles!!