Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walnut Studiolo

Somebody on Facebook, I can't remember who, mentioned Walnut Studiolo. It's an Etsy shop selling leather bike accessories. The Leather Drop Bar Wraps caught my eye. I'm going to be replacing the generic bars on my Takara with a set of Albatross bars equipped with inverse brake levers. I'm thinking about buying a set of drop bar wraps so that I can wrap the bars from the ends all the way to the stem, that's the way that I had my Surly set up, except I used cork tape. Walnut Studiolo drop bar wraps are only $36 which is about $20 cheaper than most leather bar wraps out there. The material also appears to be on the thick side which should help with cushioning and durability. I'll let y'all know how it works out. Here's a link to to Walnut Studiolo's Facebook page.

This is a picture of my old Surly which unfortunately I had to sell sometime back. I'd like to set up my bars like this again with leather wrap as opposed to cork tape. There's nothing to interfere with my hand positions from the bar ends to the stem, my current bike has stem mounted shifters which will free up even more space than the bars in the photo.


  1. Those look even nicer than the Velo Orange Elkhide ones.

  2. Beautiful stuff! Thanks for the heads-up, I've never heard of these guys before.

  3. Wow, those look cool!