Thursday, August 19, 2010

Night Riders 08-18-10

I managed to catch a portion of the Night Riders Wednesday night ride. I rode from home and met up with the group as they gathered at the Chat Room. I had things to take care of at home so I peeled off early. It was a short but enjoyable outing.

The Fort Worth Zoo is having some kind of special reptile exhibit.

One of the early arrivals showed up on this beautiful Schwinn Voyager. I thought it was a Le Tour when he first pulled up. He picked it up for $40 from one of his co-workers.

Designs on a picnic table outside the pub.

Note the little girl on the left sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Most of my evenings photos were blurry. It's too bad because this guy, Tony Drewry, Rahr Brewery employee, musician, and plumber extraordinaire, posed for several of them.

I headed home as the group rode off into the sunset.


  1. It is so cool that you get to do these fun group rides!

    Peace :)

  2. I think you need to move on over to Fort Worth.

  3. Looks like a good time (as always). I've been working such long hours lately I haven't been on a bike since Saturday. I hope to ride to work Friday; we'll see.

  4. Man I sure like your blog! It's on my google reader, but every now and then, I'll just get lost in it and scroll through page after page. Just want to say thanks for the work you put in here, and keep it up!

  5. Doohickie-I'm in the same boat. It seems that I've had very little time to ride lately.

    Jerome-Thanks for the words of encouragement, they are GREATLY appreciated.

  6. That's the metal-est bluegrass musician I've ever seen. Looks like a really fun ride, with some interesting folks!

  7. Yeah Apertome, the banjo'n-est, metal bending, bluegrass, photographin' plumber too!

  8. I did ride to work today. Great ride in, took a route that added about 5 miles to the ride. Ride home was a little slow into the south wind.