Saturday, September 18, 2010

Singer 403A

I can't help myself! When I saw this 1958 Singer 403A Slant-O-Matic posted on Craigslist for $20, I jumped on it. It's 22 pounds of steel geared awesomeness. I now own two vintage sewing machines and I'm afraid it's going to be three before long. The family that sold me this one had a 1940's Singer 19-50 in perfect condition for $50. This machine, the 403A, was purchased in 1958. The lady that owned it is now too old to sew. It is in fantastic condition. There is just something about a precision made piece of machinery that I can't resist. It will be around and still be usable long after I'm gone.


  1. That is a beauty. I now have sewing machine envy a sin I'm sure.

  2. I first saw the title of your post and I thought - oh wow - and Alex Singer bike! But your new-found Singer sewing machine brings back memories.

    My mom had an old Singer sewing machine that must have been made in the 1940's or early '50's. As I remember it was brown and had curves and a silver (probably chromed brass) flywheel on the back. I sewed myself a Frostline parka during the Blizzard of '78 on that sewing machine.

    My mom's sewing machine was always in excellent shape also. She used machine oil to keep that machine running, and I can still remember the sweet smell of that oil when the machine warmed up.

  3. My mom had that exact machine. I remember a heavy-duty foot pedal switch. That foot pedal is probably still working to this day. She had it on a special table that had a drawer for thread, a place for scissors, and it was all convenient to the tissue-thin patterns and bolts of cloth.

  4. My mother had a Singer hand-operated sewing machine, bought in the 1980s. It was a beauty as is yours. You know Myles, you hit the nail on the head about good quality workmanship in machinery.

    Good machinery, good workmanship, the good old days!

    Peace :)

  5. That is exactly what I need.
    Well, not exactly, something close to it.

  6. Oh Oh...and now the slide down the slippery slope begins...

    My mom had a Slant needle 404, ex-wife ended up with it, but I have first dibs if she ever sells it.


  7. what a beautyyyyyyy!! such great find :D
    this past Sat. i was lucky to have 2 of my girlfriends bring their sewing machines on their baskets. crafty times to be had!!