Monday, October 4, 2010

Bike Camping Season

It's that time of year, the weather is cooling off and people are hitting the road loaded down with camping gear. I'm shopping for a camp stove. Once I've got it in hand I plan to join the ranks. So far I've seen reports from:

Pondero-S24O to Ray Roberts Lake in north Texas.

MnBicycleCommuter-Bike camping trip to Eagle Lake Campground in Minnesota (it's about the 4th post down on his blog). Note the e-book reader next to the water bottles. That would be a great item to have on a solo camping trip.

GreenCommotion-While this post isn't really a bike camping report, he's got something in the works.

Let me know if you see any new bike camping reports.

Blogger is acting weird again. Let me know if the link to your blog has disappeared. I noticed that RANTWICK's was missing (it's been restored) and a couple of others were moved to a different location. Also, if you have a blog that you'd like me to link to, just let me know. I've happily noticed that my list of blogs has been popular with visitors.


  1. What kind of stove do you have in mind?

    This outing was my first with my new alcohol stove... My cooking needs have been limited to boiling water, so this works pretty well and is lighter and more compact than my Kelly Kettle.

  2. That's what I'm going to buy. I'm headed to Austin tomorrow. I'm going to swing by REI and pick one up.

  3. I'm itching to get out camping. I haven't gone at all this year and I'm not really sure why not. I look forward to seeing where you end up camping!

  4. @Chris and Myles,
    I got a Trangia stove and it seriously kicks a Llama's butt! I love it so far. One thing I wonder about is where to buy cheap fuel for it.

    Peace :)

  5. In the post you mentioned from my blog I was using my MSR Dragonfly. I love that stove. But the last few summers I've been using a Trangia alcohol stove for solo camping. I love that even more. It even has a simmer control. However, it didn't go on this trip because alcohol doesn't burn so well below 50 degrees. The Dragonfly gets the job done much quicker when it gets cold.

  6. Hmm, e-reader. carry an entire library in only a few onces. I like it!

  7. Hi,thanks for stopping by my blog...dunno how i missed this one,another cracker with good reading,plenty to look through in the coming winter months, thanks, Bruce,