Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning Ride 10-02-10

I had intended to throw my bike in my car and drive out to Weatherford and ride the Mineral Wells Trailway but things didn't work out. I was really looking forward to a ride in the country. I'll try again next week. So, instead I decided to ride over to the Will Rogers Memorial Center and see what was going on.

I headed out into a cool north wind, and as usual, the wind changed direction midway during my ride so that I faced a headwind coming home also.

Trail improvements.

I made a quick jaunt through the Botanical Gardens.

I waited patiently for the photographer to finish up, she's off to the left out of the photo.

I stopped by the Texas Book and Paper show at the Will Roger Memorial Center.

This was the only photo I took of the book show. This was a serious group of people who I didn't think would like having photos taken of their expensive items. There were some really interesting rare books on display. Many of the really old books were selling in the $3000-$5000 range.

I couldn't fit my u-lock around the trees and light poles in the area so I settled for this decorative wooden fence. Thankfully my bike was still there when I returned.

This is Midnight, the greatest bucking horse in history. The statue is just a few steps away from where I parked my bike.

The West 7th Development-Crocket Street

Teskey's Saddle Shop

Headed home by way of Trinity Park


  1. Nice recovery on missing out on the Mineral Wells route. It looks you ended up with a nice ride on a nice day. Very interesting comment about the wind. It was out of the north all day long up here.

  2. Midnight looks like more secure parking than that fence. I did a little riding today as well. I'm glad I didn't try to go far.

  3. Pondero-We've got wind coming in from the west which was in my face riding back on the Trinity Trail. I should stick to the wind blocking tree lined neighborhood streets.

    Steve A-It sounds like you're doing better. I'm glad to hear it.

  4. Good writeup. You always manage to highlight totally different aspects of Fort Worth than I do.

  5. I really really like the dude biting the dust on the Midnight sculpture!
    That is so cool!

  6. Neat ride, Myles! I particularly loved the photos of the horses. I need to ride this route sometime so I can enjoy the Botanical Gardens.
    Peace :)

  7. Awesome banner photo! Quite lovely!!
    Peace :)