Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bent Axle

While I was taking part in the Cranksgiving alleycat last weekend, I noticed that I was experiencing intermittent brake rub on the non-drive side of my rear rim. I checked the brakes and didn't notice any problem, no spokes were broken. I finished the event but as the night wore on, I noticed that the brake only rubbed when I leaned a certain way. It turns out that the rear axle is bent. I dropped the wheel off at Trinity Bicycles yesterday. Bernie told me that he'll order the replacement and have me back on the road around the end of next week.

I mounted my old rear rack to my son's bike thinking that I would use it till my bike was ready to go. The drop bars are too low and narrow for me, even short rides cause me neck and shoulder pain. I've decided that my days of riding drop bars are over.

Experimenting with drive side single pannier placement. This a reference to an interesting question posed by Steve A.

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  1. Thats a nice pic of the bike on the bridge :))

  2. The most PLAUSIBLE theory on single side pannier placement is that it works best on the side opposite that which you use to mount the bike, at least if you mount by throwing your leg over the back - since it is less likely to snag on the bag. I imagine that partly depends on the size, height, and load of the pannier.