Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Ride of the Year

The temperature was 57 degrees (13.8 C), with a 15mph headwind.

I rode over to 7th Street and had a look at our newest bike lanes. This is the view from the east end looking west.

I believe the lanes extend all the way to University Drive.

After a little sightseeing I started looking for a place to eat. I had read a positive review in Fort Worth Weekly about The Tavern and decided to give it a try. It was easy to reach by bike. The restaurant is located at 2755 S. Hulen, across the street from Marvin's Electronics.

I ordered the fish tacos with grilled mahi-mahi. The fish was very good although I think Fort Worth Weekly's definition of Tex-Mex differs from mine. Folks on the border in south Texas, where me and my wife grew up, will eat just about any gland, organ, and body part of a cow, goat, or pig. I've eaten just about all of it. I had never seen a menu that offered fish tacos, and had never tried one, until I moved to Fort Worth.

More ride by photography

This is a nice looking mid-century modern home, but somebody needs to tell these people to remove those evergreen trees and shrubs. They obscure the most interesting feature of this house, the large front windows.


  1. Looks like a nice ride. I would have liked to ride myself, but just got finished raking leaves.


  2. Tacos for lunch!
    Sounds like a plan.
    Have a happy and safe New Year!

  3. When we lived in Baja Sur fish tacos became a family favorite largely because seafood is abundant and the natives eat it. My wife grew up with a stepfather whose father walked to the USA from Chihuahua in the San Joaquin Valley. I learn to eat Mexican along the border (both sides) around El Paso and New Mexico we both know how to cook it and like it great deal. Maybe to much. But those fish tacos off the street stand that were cooked on the bottom of a upside down oil drum were the best and we still try to duplicate them.
    The fish was caught and the tortillas were made before daylight and when the proprietor ran out then that was it for the day. He always ran out early. If you waited until noon you were S.O.L.
    A taco is a mainstay food for me much like sandwiches to most Americans. I keep a stack of tortillas maiz and will eat about anything on them including P.B. and jelly.

  4. Like Oldfool suggests, I think of fish tacos as Cali-Mex. Whatever they are, they taste like a good idea to me.

    It looks like you planned and executed another great outing on this blustery day.

  5. The mid century home looks lovely. Nice photos!
    Glad you got to ride today!!

    Happy New Year, Myles!

    Peace :)

  6. Being a New Yorker, I'm in no position to say what's "real" Mexican, Tex-Mex or Cali-Mex food. Even though I've eaten Mexican food in those locales, I haven't spent enough time in any of them to be an expert on the local cuisines. But I recall an old cycling buddy who was from near Laredo and believed that any sort of "swimmer" in a taco was an abomination.

    Your ride looks really nice, though. I'm glad you had a nice time. Happy New Year!

  7. I've heard of fish tacos but have yet to eat one. Any food even resembling Mexican is good in my book.

    Back in '85 I went on a bird watching expedition with some friends in south Texas and ate a lot of great food. One thing I quickly learned though, was that your definition of "mild" is much different than mine!

    I got a speeding ticket just north Laredo on that trip. I was going 90 in a 55 mph zone, and the ticket was only $35. The real kicker is I was getting passed by other drivers!

  8. I like ground beef tacos. Shredded beef tacos gather and hold the spices in a different way than ground beef and the taste is markedly different on the palate. I haven't had fish tacos, because it doesn't sound appetizing to me. I'm probably wrong, I'm sure. I'll never know. You're right about the evergreens and the house. It might be, when they planted them, they couldn't see them growing as large as they eventually did. Now, it's possible, they can't bring themselves to cut down such a large and living thing. Probably, like the trees, there are roots descending into the memories of their lives. Events tied to the location and that were taking place when they were planted. In years to come, a young couple will move in with a swaddled bundle of their own. They'll cut them down,then. Making memories of their own.

  9. I love me some fish tacos!

    57 degrees sounds nice, about right now, too. We have had a few days of sub-zero lows and sub-20 highs, here in Denver. It doesn't take long until I get nostalgic for warmer weather...

  10. Never been able to force myself to eat a fish taco. I don't put catsup on mashed potatos either, though some swear by it.

  11. We had a warm, blustery day here on New Year's Eve day.

    I like anything resembling Mexican food. Fish tacos are fine by me, although fish wouldn't be my first choice for a taco stuffer. I even had some mashed potato enchiladas that were quite tasty. I love "Mexican" food, and I'm definitely not a purist.

    The "bike lane" really looks like an afterthought. With the narrowness of the lane and the amount of debris, I'd be nervous riding in it, I think. At least it isn't right next to a line of parked cars, like many of ours.