Saturday, February 12, 2011

Larry's Birthday Ride

Larry (a fixture in the Fort Worth bike scene) turned 62 this past Friday. To celebrate he announced a 62 mile group ride to take place this morning. The plan was to ride 31 miles on the Trinity Trail in east Fort Worth, return, eat lunch downtown, and then do the final 31 miles on the trails out west. I did the first 31 miles, ate lunch and called it a day, so, the photos in this post cover only half the ride.

Happy Birthday Larry!

Dave's beautiful 3Rensho.

Paul (Doohickie) being a gentleman.

We're off headed north through downtown towards the trails.

We ran into a couple of obstacles along the way.


Waiting for stragglers.

We rode through the stockyards before heading downtown for lunch.

An interesting house deserving restoration.

Headed to the Flying Saucer.

Bike parking.


  1. Does that restaurant really provide that space just for bikes? In these parts, that would be the biergarten for the smokers.

    Happy Birthday Larry!

  2. Looks like a blast. What a group! Some great bicycles in the mix, too. I hope I'm riding 62 miles when I'm 62.

  3. Where was that house?! what a gem.

  4. Hey William, that house is on Samuels Ave. just north of downtown. I bet that house was something special back in the day.