Saturday, February 19, 2011

Raleigh Port Townsend

According to Statcounter, one of the most visited posts on my blog is the September 12, 2009 post titled Raleigh Japan. In it I posted a link and photos of Raleigh road bikes that aren't available in the United States. These are steel bikes equipped with Nitto M-12 type front racks, cantilever or v-brakes, quill stems, and even downtube shifters on one bike. I recently noticed an ad in Bicycling Times for the new Raleigh Port Townsend. Like the Japanese bikes it's a steel framed bike equipped with cantilever brakes and a front rack suitable for carrying a rando bag. It's also equipped with bar end shifters. Unfortunately the Raleigh site doesn't give much information about the bikes intended usage. The One Way looks to be the same frame set up as a single speed. I like the direction that Raleigh is headed. Oh, the retail price for the Port Townsend is $879 at R.E.I.

Port Townsend

One Way


  1. I like the classic look of their bikes.

  2. Me too. If I was still into fast riding, I'd be seriously looking at the Record Ace. I'm not a fan of carbon fiber.