Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Take a Shower, Smell Good

I ordered some handmade soap and I must say, I smell fantastic. Usually I just smell like deodorant. These aren't just any soaps, they were made by Chandra's wife Theresa which makes them special. I ordered a couple of the more male oriented Woodsblend and Sandalwood. On the scale of nice scents, these soaps rank right up there with the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

Angelic Soap-the photos in their Etsy shop are much nicer.

Theresea sent a couple of samples, the one on the left is Herb Garden and the other is Winter Forest. She also scent a sample of Lemon Sugar but my youngest daughter grabbed it and ran off to the shower before I could get a photo.

Chandra-purveyor of fine soaps, cyclist, snazzy dresser, and all-around good guy.

Everyday, give yourself a present. Not really about soap but kind of along the same lines.

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