Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Ride 03-06-11

I couldn't have asked for better weather for today's ride, it was perfect. As is usually the case I rolled out of the house with no particular destination in mind, so this post is kind of rambling, just like my ride.

Fresh pavement-nice.

I rode the new bike lane down 7th Street towards Montgomery Plaza.

I pulled into the Montgomery Plaza parking lot and headed to Starbucks for a drink. The parking lot was crowded and required extra vigilance.

After working my way up the dreaded "Radio Shack Hill" I headed towards Sundance Square.

Sundance Square ahead.

I took a break on the way to the bike shop. The tall building in the background is the Omni Hotel.

I pulled up to the bike shop and ran into Nickolas (and his Surly Big Dummy), he informed me that the shop was closed. We talked for a bit and I learned that he had found a purse laying on 7th Street. He contacted the owner and informed her that he'd leave the purse with the guys at Trinity-since they were closed he made arrangements to leave it at Spiral Diner instead.

Since we were headed the same way, I rode with Nickolas to the diner.

Spiral Diner-Nickolas ran inside to take care of the purse business, I continued on my way.

Avoca Coffee, this place is directly across the street from Spiral Diner. There are lots of people eagerly waiting for this place to open, especially me. Fort Worth desperately needs independently owned coffehouses.

Leaves and flowers are starting to spring forth, it's like somebody flipped a switch.


  1. I saw you on Magnolia on the way to Spiral Diner. My wife and I thought of having lunch there, but there were long lines so we went to Yucatan Taco Stand instead. We were eating when I saw the two of you roll by.

  2. Where I live there is no such thing as Vegan or bike lanes.

  3. Fort Worth looks like a nice city to ride in. The Spiral Diner looks interesting.

  4. Fort Worth *is* a nice city to ride in. Some areas are nice than others. Someday I'm going to post some pics from the not-so-nice areas that I've ridden through.

  5. "Fort Worth desperately needs independently owned coffehouses."


  6. I enjoyed the photos. They show what a nice place Cowtown is.

  7. Man, I'll be glad when the trees start budding, here. Still "dead of winter" bare, around here.

  8. Myles,
    CycleBabble needs to get together! I will need to come ride in FW.

    I loved the last photo in this post!

    And, I remember Nikolas from the S24O organized by Trinity!

    Peace :)

  9. Wow, looks nice their. I am working on a free camera so I can post more pictures.