Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Ride 04-16-11

You couldn't ask for better weather. It was perfect, bright and sunny with just a slightly perceptible chill in the air. I rode off looking to do something a little different today.

Off I went.

I was using the plastic container to hold my camera.

I pulled off the trail at the University Drive trailhead and ran across these young men, Adam and Kyle Wilson. They're TCU student raising money for an 800 mile bike ride to raise money for people with disabilities. If you'd like to donate click on this link and select either Adam or Kyle Wilson.

Next stop was the Modern Art Museum. I had wanted to see the Ed Ruscha exhibit but I decided to wait till next week so I can take my wife with me.

Traffic at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

My next stop.

I asked the lady at the front desk if I could take photos. She said as long as I wasn't a member of PETA or some radical organization. She was only half joking. We talked for a bit and she explained that most of the items for sale were from rich peoples' private collections. She said old ladies will call them and say, "My husband just died, will you come get this s**t out of here." I had heard that many of the African big game animals being auctioned were killed in the 1960's and earlier. A special permit is required to sell some of these items.

This flea market was going on next door.

I really wanted this clock.

The only things that I picked up at the flea market were these three pins that will soon be adorning my pannier. Are they actually from the locations they represent? I'd like to think so.

I stopped for a quick meal at the Magnolia Motor Lodge before heading home. By the way, they'll be raffling this car off on May 11th. The tickets are $40. Take a chance!

I bet you could fit a bike rack on this thing.


  1. Way better than a trip to the mall, and way more useful.

  2. Wow! Where do I send my 40 bones?

  3. Wow, you sure found some weird stuff! The taxidermy thing is ... well, odd. I like the pins you picked up. Flea markets can be fun.

  4. Very interesting. I know a couple people here in Indiana who have gone to Africa to hunt and bring back stuffed carcasses to put in their basements. Just think of all the cool bike stuff you could buy with the money they shell out just for some dead critters!

    That Magnolia Motor Lodge looks interesting too. I wonder what kind of food you use the crescent wrench for?

  5. Seeing "Mounted in Alaska" has given me a whole different perspective on taxidermy.

  6. I have less than ambivalent feelings about trophy hunting. Eating what you kill may be one thing, but shooting and having mounted a crocodile, or rhino is almost repugnant.

  7. I like how the old ladies who have had to put up with having dead animals hanging on the walls for most of their lives, finally get to throw them away. Spooky stuff!

  8. That rhino would have looked awesome mounted (somehow) on your bicycle for the ride home. Of course, I don't like the idea of killing and mounting rhinos, but that one is already history.

  9. Pondero-I agree.

    Jon-If you win the car I'll drive it out to you.

    Apertome-I think most of here in Texas are used to having stuffed creatures around, usually deer heads, javelinas, and the occasional bobcat.

    Big Oak-I can't imagine how much it would cost to ship a large game animal back from Africa, even just the head. The cost of the hunt itself is probably outrageous. Like you, I can think of better ways to spend my money.

    Steve A-This is the first time I've heard of that show. I'll have to check it out.

    Dan The Man-I assume you're talking about the car-I agree.

    Twister-I wouldn't say that I find it repugnant, but ever since I was in Cub Scouts I was taught that you shouldn't kill an animal that you don't intend to eat.

    PaddyAnne-Ha, I was thinking the same thing. I don't know many women that like the hunting lodge look.

    John Romeo Alpha-That would have been Cool!

  10. The flea market items were much more fun for me to look at. The clock and the pins are cool!
    Peace :)