Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quality Time

As work and other concerns try to take over my life, I've been making an effort to spend more time with my 14 year old son. Yesterday morning we managed a short but thoroughly enjoyable ride along the river.

With temperatures hitting 100F/ 37.7 C, we sought out some shade for a short break.

We shared the shade with a small herd of cows. They paid us no attention.

I'm trying to come up with new yet relatively inexpensive activities that me and my son could do together. I thought it might be interesting to try fishing the Trinity. It would be great if we could ride our bikes to the river, do a little fishing and then ride back home. I've fished maybe four or five times in my entire life so I am completely clueless. I've done some research. A fishing license is $30 and it's good for a year. A kid under the age of 17 doesn't need one. I've seen some telescoping rod/ reel combos that would work for us and they're affordable. I'm not looking to eat anything I catch, it would be strictly catch and release. If anybody has any recommendations as far as quality packable fishing gear, or websites with good beginner info please let me know.


  1. Myles,
    I have no pointers on fishing equipment, but I want to say that you are so lucky to spend quality time with your child.
    Have a Great One!
    Peace :)

    PS. The calf is very adorably cute!

  2. Hello I also happily went to the river side with my little daughter with my mama bicycle. White flowers spread out all around the riversides. I have just published the entry on my blog, please check it out if you have time.
    Well I am also sorry, I am not familiar with fishing, however I hope you and your son will enjoy fishing soon.

  3. Good on you for thinking of ways to be with your son. I have the same problem of being stuck for ideas at times...

    Not much help on fishing equipment but I'm finding bicycle maintenence is a good way to spend time with my eldest lad.