Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch in Gruene

Some people take business trips to nice places like San Diego, Seattle, Denver, where do my business travels take me? Laredo, Texas-nice. Laredo isn't a vacation destination by any means. It's about as scenic as a used car lot. The only thing I look forward to when visiting Laredo is the food. We-me and a couple of guys working on a special project-enjoyed some excellent but expensive lengua (cow tongue) tacos at the Palenque Grill. Fortunately we didn't have to stick around too long. As we were barreling north on I-35 one of the guys had the great idea of stopping for lunch at the Gristmill in Gruene, Texas. Gruene is a scenic little community along the Guadalupe River just outside of San Marcos, approximately 45 miles south of Austin.

The Gristmill is located behind the world famous Gruene Hall.

The entrance

This was our table. You can't really see it in this photo but the river is down below.

Another view from our table.

Yet another view from our table.

The Guadalupe River-a true Texas treasure.

Two Tons of Steel-These guys are a fixture at Gruene Hall. There aren't many decent quality videos available but they managed to put on a good performance for a cheesy San Antonio morning show.


  1. Gruene looks great!

  2. Looks like a bit of fun.

  3. I've done the Tour de Gruene ride out there twice. The ride was a little short, but quite nice. One year they had an antique bicycle show right there in Gruene Hall. I had a good after-ride lunch at the Gristmill. It was pleasant day.

  4. Fun! When I lived in Austin, I went to San Antonio a couple of times, but I've never been to Gruene ... looks like it would've been worth the trip.

  5. Myles,
    I gotta visit this town sometime. I love scenic towns like Gruene. So, while your travels don't take you to San Diego and Seattle, I am glad you at least get away from your desk and go places like Gruene.

    Peace :)