Monday, January 5, 2009


The weather took a turn for the worse today with rain and temperatures hovering at the freezing mark. I'm always amazed when I read blogs from riders living up north. If the temperature drops below 50 degrees I'm hurting. Having been born and raised in far south Texas I've never been real comfortable in the cold.

Since I'm not riding today I wanted to take some time to feature blogs of people that were kind enough to leave comments. The last two blogs are artists I discovered by way of Bikes and the City


  1. Cool, just found you through an accidental Google Search... I love that there's a bicycle-specialty screen printer in Fort Worth!


  2. Hey man... nice blog!

  3. Thanks for posting my picture.

    I felt the same way in September when the temperature started dropping, up here. I had gotten used to the 80+ summer days. But I love riding too much to give it up for 5 months out of the year. So, I had give up, realize I live in Minnesota and find a way to adapt. It's been a lot of fun... and trial/effort. This is my 3rd full year.

    If I lived in Texas, I wouldn't worry about the cold. It won't last long. But the heat?

  4. Thanks for the link! It's a bit warmer here but now it's snowed heavily and I don't have snow studs, so the Xtra is grounded for a bit...

  5. yes! I too give big props to those snow riders. I'm also a spoiled native Californian, so I never get to see much below the 20s. I do get a annoyed by friends that rather not go riding with me becuase it's 'too cold'!!! what?! big ARRRGGH ;/
    Though, when I visited Austin a few years back I really loved it. Weather was super nice and not crazy humid. I really have enjoyed TX, and look forward for a longhorn trip soon.

    & thanks for the luv!
    ♥ride on blogespherics

  6. Bernie-Yell at me if you see me out riding, just look for the green Long Haul Trucker with the Albatross bars. I'll be linking to your blog.

    Flatman-Thanks for stopping by. Link added.

    Spiderleggreen-You Minnesota guys are tough!

    Workbike-You've got a great blog, I'm glad you found us.

    Meligrosa-The fall, winter, and spring seasons in Austin are beautiful. Riding in the Texas summer will turn you into a sweaty mess. You should try to plan your trip between October and April if possible.

  7. Flatman-Do you live in the DFW area?

  8. this is awesome, thank you for linking to me with all these fun sites!

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  10. sanasaurus-I really like your artwork and the photo I posted of you and your dog on the bike is great!