Monday, February 15, 2010

Afternoon Ride 02-15-10

The sun came out today but with a strong north wind it was still rather cold. Thankfully I didn't have to work, it's President's Day you know. I celebrated by taking a ride downtown.

There were branches down all over the place because of the twelve inches of snow we had last Thursday. That's an all time record.

Riding down Magnolia.

I stopped at Panther City Bikes but didn't realize that they were closed on Monday's until I had gone through the trouble of locking up my bike.

Headed north on Jennings.

Passing under I-30 and the train tracks.

The building in the background is the old Post Office, soon to be the new City Hall. It's a neat building and I'm glad it is going to be put to good use.

Main Street

One of Fort Worth's finest patrolling the Sundance Square.

A quick stop at Starbucks.

Two farm boys who made it big.

This plaque is on the north side of downtown near the criminal courts building. It marks the site of Camp Worth.

It was a pretty day but at this point my hands were numb from the cold.


  1. I glad someone was able to get out in the sunshine today. I guess we in the private sector can't take our eyes off of profits on a day like this. I happy you could. Thanks for the sights.

  2. I haven't been to Fort Worth since my dad died, not having pleasant memories of my last visit. These pictures remind me of why I liked it.

  3. There's a new bike shop in town and near to Magnolia St, too. It certainly looks pretty, but I know it was a bit chilly too. You should get some of them Lowes work gloves Steve talks about. =)
    Trinity Bicycles
    207 South Main Street
    Fort Worth, TX 76104

  4. Thanks for the bike tour of Fort Worth. The day trip has been fun.

  5. It's good to see my Starbucks bike rack in action. Those Lowe's work gloves have a touch too much ventilation. Either get lined ones or go a size bigger and wear knit gloves underneath.

  6. I can't believe all that snow melted so quickly!

    Looks like a very pleasant ride, glad someone got out on Monday. I had to work.

  7. Pondero-Thanks to your hard work and taxes I was able to lazily roam around town on a Monday afternoon. I appreciate it.

    Oldfool-I'm sorry that you have such a negative connection with our city. It is a nice city although it may be a little bland for some. It is a nice place to ride.

    twister-I'm looking forward to their grand opening. It looks like they are going to cater to commuters which is cool.

    Don-Thanks Don.

    Steve A-I forgot my gloves on this ride. Not too smart.

    Apertome-There is still snow in shady areas. My back yard is drenched right now due to the melted snow.