Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Ride in the Country 03-26-11

I loaded up my bike early this morning and made the 60 mile drive north to Sanger, Texas. Chris (Pondero) invited me up for a ride in the country.

Gassed up and ready to go.

We started the ride at 8:30 AM, the temperature was expected to reach 86. We didn't expect was the 20+ mile per hour headwind that we faced.

Chris is pointing to the metropolis of Slidell, Texas, our next stop.

Slidell is out there somewhere.

We found this little guy enjoying the sunshine.

Rat Snake?

The post office in Slidell.

We stopped at the city park for a break. Nobody has bothered to remove the Christmas tree from the pavillion.

I brought along a French press (the maroon thing on the left) a pot, and my Trangia alcohol stove.

This was Chris' setup, notice the scones and jam.

I'm stirring the coffee before using the plunger. There's nothing like fresh coffee and scones for a mid-ride snack.

We rode back toward Chris' house enjoying the strong tailwind.

We stopped for another quick break in front of this old abandoned house before working our way back to Chris' place.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! And yeah, headwinds suck. I love picnic rides!

    Joe in Iowa (Where we still have some snow in the ground)

  2. Beautiful area, I'd drive that distance to ride there too!
    Not only is the fresh brewed coffee impressive, and the scones and tea, but so also is Chris' placemat for the table - very civilized! As for the xmas tree, at least xmas is now only 8 months away (if you consider March "done" and count 8 months being April -December) , so it might as well stay up and be ready and in time for next Christmas!

  3. We got the same sort of winds here today.
    So, the volunteer firetruck is like a water tanker?

  4. Looks like a great day indeed. I'm jealous!

  5. Beautiful scenery, and a fun ride. Is Chris's stove set up on top of a cloth placemat? That seems dangerous. Also, looks like Chris got a new jersey, perhaps, Salsa?

  6. Thanks for the comments everybody!

    Joe-I hope things warm up soon in your area. We had about a week of snow here, cabin fever was setting in.

    PaddyAnne-Yes, I'm sure you notice the difference in the way I had set up my area (things strewn about willy-nilly) compared to Chris' meticulous arranged items. Kind of like the Odd Couple.

    limom-I'm sure they had another truck in the garage. Those water tankers are usually used for grass fires, they get pretty big out here.

    Jerome-I was going to take my Bialetti but it's too small to fit on the pot stand for my Trangia stove. I didn't have the time to rig anything up.

    Apertome-I was more concerned about the Christmas tree going up in flames. We used it as a wind screen.

  7. Great day, my friend! Fortunately you documented the refreshment stop. I must have been hungry...

  8. Looks like a great ride. I'm going to have to do some micro-tours this summer.

  9. I am really ready for hot days and warm nights. Looks like a blast, and I have March Jealousy* because of it.

    *(No relation to March Madness)

  10. Sanger has a lot of nice areas to ride around. Good for you!

    Peace :)