Saturday, September 3, 2011

Afternoon Ride 09-03-11

I worked my rear end off last weekend. I had to make a last minute trip to Houston and ended up maxing out my overtime hours. I was told to stay home on Friday. I actually slept till 9:30 AM Friday morning. I haven't slept that late in years, I was exhausted.

I took this photo at my desk on Thursday. After nearly 22 years working with this agency, my name popped up in headquarters and they sent me this low-bid coffee mug. The handles on these award mugs are notorious for snapping off at the worst possible moment. Nothing says you're appreciated like a crotch full of scalding coffee.

I had originally planned to jump on my bike and hit the road before dawn yesterday but that didn't happen. I managed to get out and ride this afternoon.

I rambled on over to the Hulen Street bridge. It's in the process of being replaced. The northbound lanes are closed which gave me the rare opportunity to safely ride to the top and enjoy the view.

This is the view of the Trinity River from the south end of the bridge looking east towards downtown.

At the mid-point of the bridge you can look down on the rail yard. There's a line of trees along the south edge of the rail yard that prevents most of it from being seen from the Trinity Trails. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for a cyclist to cross the river and the yard for a couple of miles in each direction. Hopefully the new bridge will be cyclist and pedestrian friendly.

Here I am preparing to cross the river without accidentally dumping my gear in the water.

It wasn't as hot today as it has been in weeks past but I still took plenty of rest breaks in whatever shade I could find.

With temperatures expected to fall over the next few weeks I expect to be riding more and posting more as well.


  1. Be careful about riding those closed lanes. Remember, I wound up in ICU after dropping into a trench! I do NOT want to see your gross-looking bloody face photos.

  2. Gunnar Berg-Me too! I thought we might get lucky with that tropical storm that just hit New Orleans but it looks like it's going to spin off to the northeast.

    Steve A-I understand and appreciate your concern. That was a bad wreck. I scouted the bridge out on my drive in to work the other day and noticed that the pavement was intact.

  3. RT, also remember that in my case the pavement had been intact for months, right up until the week I took a vacation. My first day back - whack! Ride a bit slower than usual and redouble your caution if you have to ride there in the dark. Those construction crews can be sneaky. You just be sneakier!

  4. The caption on the coffee mug photo cracked me up. It just goes to show how tough you guys are.

    I'm totally with you on the plan for more frequent riding. The recent forecast is very encouraging.

  5. I use suspicious mugs like that as pen/pencil holders on my desk. Anyways, glad you got to ride some. I can't wait to see the temp drop on Monday!

    Have a great long weekend!

    Peace :)

  6. I can only hope that the temperature will fall and fall over the next couple of weeks. May it be so, and may many rides follow.