Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 1

Day 1, 17 miles, Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway trailhead in Weatherford, Texas to Lake Mineral Wells State Park in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Well, I’m on my way. My wife dropped me off at the Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway in Weatherford, Texas and I started my journey west. This was to be a very short ride to Lake Mineral Wells State Park. I thought I’d use the short ride as a final shakedown, make sure I had everything I needed for this trip. The only casualty of the day, I lost the buckle to my helmet. I’ll replace it first chance I get. Me and my wife met a couple of nice young ladies who had just finished their ride. One of them was interested in touring so we had a short discussion about it. My wife was still chatting with them as I headed off down the trail. I also met a guy who is planning a tour of South America. As is usually the case I forgot his name, but he did say that he’s a bike mechanic at the new REI store in Southlake, Texas. I didn’t realize there was an REI in Southlake.

When I arrived at the State Park the dark clouds were rolling in. The forecast called for possible severe thunderstorms with large hail and possible tornados. I opted for a screened shelter, basically it’s a cabin with no plumbing. I should be comfortable tonight. That’s it for now. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make it fifty-six miles to Breckenridge, Texas. The winds are supposed to be blowing pretty hard tomorrow, fifty-six miles might be a bit optimistic.


  1. Your previous post said your start would be 4-25-15, so I figured it was a month away. Maybe a typo.

    Have a great time!

  2. Enjoyed meeting you and your wife yesterday. Hope your trip is amazing ! of ladies at ur start.

    1. Thanks Linda, it was nice meeting you and your friend. I wished I had a little more time to visit that day.

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