Monday, June 29, 2015


I couldn't handle riding this thing with drop bars any longer. My neck and shoulders have been rebelling. I swapped the drops for a set of Nitto Albatross Bars (my all-time favorites), added a set of inverse brake levers and some old school Shimano M700 friction thumbshifters. I also mounted my Brooks B-17 on front, this is the same saddle that killed me on my ill-fated cross-country attempt. A couple of weeks ago I soaked this saddle in a container of neatsfoot oil. So far I am pleased with the results. Although, I now have to deal with oil stains in addition to dreaded Brooks dye stains. I'm waiting on a set of Albatross bars for the stoker position. I also got rid of the generic gel saddle my wife was using and replaced it with a Brooks B-67s.

Comfort is priority one!


  1. Try anhydrous lanolin on the saddle...

  2. Great tip Steve! I wish I had heard of this before I soaked my saddle in neatsfootoil. Thanks.